A compelling scoreboard is the key to tracking and winning the Race to Net Zero Carbon.

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Join the First Gigawatt Down Campaign!

Aug 28, 2019

You are a climate activist. You join in the climate strikes. You call on politicians and others to take action. But as you call for action, you can’t shake the feeling that the action you’re calling for is…a bit vague. You want to be sure it will add up. This campaign is for YOU!

Footprint to Wings partners with the March for Science

Apr 12, 2017

Footprint to Wings is proud to officially join the March for Science, along with over 100 partnering organizations. We will be at the Princeton Satellite March on April 22. Join us at the march!

Emissions Per Person

Dec 04, 2016

What is the best way to rank States in the Race to Zero Carbon?

Energy Supply Field Worksheet

Jun 10, 2015

When talking about climate change solutions, people have a tendency to be emphatic, yet vague. This worksheet helps clear through the assertions to the eye opening math underneath.

One Scoreboard to Track Them All

Dec 27, 2014

Join us in designing the ultimate scoreboard to facilitate winning the race to net zero carbon.

Scoring other Scoreboards

Dec 26, 2014

We’re designing the ultimate Zero Carbon Scoreboard. What’s already being done in this area?

Comparing platforms that compare States on Energy

Nov 19, 2014

Georgetown Climate Center and Earthjustice!

How many acres is your energy footprint?

Sep 17, 2014

How much land area would your state have to set aside for all its resident’s energy needs?  It all comes down to the type of energy you use. David MacKay does the math.

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air

Sep 16, 2014

Peak Washing Machine

Sep 15, 2014

How many washing machines would it take to provide everyone on earth access to clean clothes? What is the energy footprint of peak washing machine?

To Serve Ten Billion People

Sep 14, 2014

Our goal is a wonderful quality of life for ten billion people with zero carbon footprint.  Where do we get that “10 Billion” number from?

Energy Cinderella Project

Aug 13, 2014

NIMBY Land is in search of an energy source with a sustainable, powerful, elegant footprint.  Let’s hold a ball and find our Energy Cinderella.

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