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Aug 28, 2019

You are a climate activist. You join in the climate strikes. You call on politicians and others to take action. But as you call for action, you can’t shake the feeling that the action you’re calling for is…a bit vague. You want to be sure it will add up. This campaign is for YOU!

What? New York emissions are lower than Germany?

Dec 03, 2016

A look at how we rank states in the Race to Zero Carbon.

You are The Player

Jul 07, 2015

The Player is the core, indivisible unit of a team. The Player has the power. You are the player.

Startup Leadership

Oct 28, 2014

Energy Cinderella Project

Aug 13, 2014

NIMBY Land is in search of an energy source with a sustainable, powerful, elegant footprint.  Let’s hold a ball and find our Energy Cinderella.

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