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Zero Carbon Coaching Pledge

May 12, 2017

Coaching the Race to Zero Carbon is a privilege and responsibility that demands commitment and a high standard of excellence. Are you ready to be a Zero Carbon Coach? Take the Coaches Pledge!


Nov 05, 2016

If your organization or association wants to know how to win a sustainable world with the best quality of life for themselves and billions of their fellow planet mates, contact us! We have seminars, workshops and keynote presentations that will lay it all on the line.

The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of Leadership

Aug 20, 2016

Climate Therapists are Standing By

Aug 12, 2016

The job of the Climate Therapist is to help people process their feelings about climate change, to move beyond paralysis to constructive action.

You’re Invited! Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic kicks off the Bound Brook Speaker Series!

Apr 12, 2015

Footprint to Wings has been chosen to kick off the Bound Brook Speaker Series!  April 27, Come join our merry band of carbon free coaches.  Together, we’ll develop the winning strategy to achieve a “net zero carbon economy” with the best quality of life right here in New Jersey. 

This is a first of its kind event.  Come ready to improvise and play. Bring your expertise and your questions. All are welcome!

Begging for Change: The Dollars and Sense of Making Nonprofits Responsive, Efficient, and Rewarding

Feb 07, 2015

Startup Leadership

Oct 28, 2014

Going to the Climate March

Sep 20, 2014

I hope to see you at the Climate March in NYC on Sunday!  I’ve got my flyers and my Carbon Free Coaching Clinic poster!  You can download them here.

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