Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic, May 21

We are pleased to announce the first ever Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, NJ, May 21 2016 from 9 am to 2pm.

The event is FREE but registration is required. If you haven’t yet, please RSVP to reserve your packet.

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The Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic is designed to be a festive, interactive space for you and your community to explore your options to get ALL THE WAY to net zero carbon. 

The event is designed to be replicated in cities, counties and states throughout the US until the Race to Zero Carbon is WON!

The “Race to Zero Carbon” is an actual race between the 50 States to see which one will be the FIRST to achieve a net zero carbon economy with the best quality of life.

Guess which state is in the lead? Check your guess.

There’s also a 5 and 10K!

5k and 10K raceIn conjunction with the Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic, we are having the first ever Race to Zero Carbon 5K and 10K.

This footrace is a metaphor for the actual Race to Zero Carbon and takes place on a USATF sanctioned track, starting and ending in Duke Island Park, next to the Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic. Register here for the 5 and 10K

The Experience

Nothing beats the experience of a Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic. You go in a rookie, you come out transformed. Sober yet giddy. It’s intense. There will be (unlicensed) climate therapists standing by, a carbon confessional, bugs to eat (crickets, mostly, because…adaptation). George Washington and troops (because we’re declaring independence from fossil fuels. Because this is a new revolution, except this time it’s not the British, it’s British Petroleum. Because fighting climate change is the ultimate act of historic preservation. And because that’s how the time machine rolls). And more!

Don’t stay at home, wading through the noise on the internet, feeling outraged and alienated. Come, walk around a living infographic, contemplate our epic global challenge in the company of live people. Talk to experts. Meet the awesome people in your community, the folks who will turn out to be your stalwart teammates on the road to zero carbon.

This event is the first of its kind. There may be bugs (and not just the crickets). Your participation and feedback are vital. We are experimenting. Let us know what works! Let’s explore.

The Elements

Here is a list of some things you will find at a Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic.

Partners and Sponsors

North Jersey Public Policy Network
Student Global Ambassador Program
Launch NJ

Launch NJ

“The Switch”

The race to zero carbon involves a monumental switch off of fossil fuels and onto zero carbon energy. Are you ready FLIP THE SWITCH? Climate Therapists are standing by as you face the switch.

first, flip the switch

Walk-Through Flow Chart of all the Plays to get to Zero Carbon

Check your Mindset.
Check your Emissions.
Check your Solutions.

Walk through the field of solutions as depicted on this chart. In real life, the squares represent tables or tents with several tables. And at each table, experts, to tell you about each play. Where there are expert gaps (where we didn’t recruit a volunteer) we will have some posters and other literature. Perhaps you are an expert. Step forward and fill in the team!

the field

Notes & Related:

Why do we need Zero Carbon Coaching Clinics?

Quick Questions:

Don’t have a clear answer to these questions? That’s normal. Our brains are wired to avoid thinking about climate change.

This is unfortunate, because TEAM DOOM is dancing in our end zone. We are living in the endzone times.

Enter the Coach

The job of a coach is to break through our avoidance, to unlock the extraordinary power of each player. We have the potential to rise to the challenge, to pull together as teams, to secure the climate and a great quality of life for everyone. It may seem impossible, but we have what it takes. We have thrilling moves, epic and miraculous plays ahead.

The Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic is designed to engage, inform and equip you to connect with and execute those plays. To find within you the motivation to do just that. To help you, and the many teams you are part of, to thrive in this crisis situation and succeed in the face of overwhelming odds.


Through a process that needs to be experienced. Come on May 21 and check it out!

The 100% Renewable Energy Playbook
The Proclamation Challenge

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