You’re Invited! Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic kicks off the Bound Brook Speaker Series!

Footprint to Wings has been chosen to kick off the Bound Brook Speaker Series!  April 27, Come join our merry band of carbon free coaches.  Together, we’ll develop the winning strategy to achieve a “net zero carbon economy” with the best quality of life right here in New Jersey. 

This is a first of its kind event.  Come ready to improvise and play. Bring your expertise and your questions. All are welcome!

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On April 27,

at the Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic, we will ask:

The answers will surprise you.  Come and explore the sustainability game from a coaching perspective. Pick your favorite zero carbon plays and have fun with your fellow teammates.


Date:  April 27, 2015; From 7:30 to 9:30 PM
Location: Imperial Ballroom, 200 Talmadge Avenue, Bound Brook, NJ. 
Tickets at the Door: $5 (includes a complimentary beverage).

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Footprint to Wings Talk: 20 minutes

Rezwan Razani will give a quick overview of the Race to Zero Carbon and the Zero Carbon Playbook.  Why are we racing to zero carbon? Who is on our team? What is the prize? What are the “fields” of play? What are the main “plays” to win the sustainability game?

Break Out Sessions: Put on your coaching hats!

Following the introductory talk, we are all invited to put on our coaching hats and discuss the plays.  The Imperial Ballroom is a huge space with lots of tables.  We will set up activities and resources for each of the key plays on different tables. What play is most important to you? Visit that table, check out the activities, and meet other people that share your interest. Form an impromptu coaching committee and talk strategy.  There will be games and prizes.


We will reconvene at the end for a quick report from each table, to announce the prizes, and express final thoughts.

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Host a Table

Is your organization involved in a key play in the race to net zero carbon? For example, are you part of a group that promotes solar energy, wind energy, divestment, automobile electrification, LEED housing? Contact us to co-host the related table. 

Sponsor the Event

We would be delighted to be able to offer more prizes and eliminate the admission fee!  Contact us if you would like to facilitate this event and help make it accessible to a wider audience.


Come prepared to “interrogate reality, tackle tough challenges, enrich relationships” and build community (thanks Susan Scott!).  Diverse perspectives are welcome provided we all check out these handy tips on civility via the Village Square.

About the Speaker Series

The Bound Brook Speaker Series will continue after this event. Check out the BBSpeaker Series Facebook Page!

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