Wind Energy v. Hurricanes

If you scale up wind power, you won’t just get energy, you’ll stop hurricanes.

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The Awesome Power of Wind Power: Stopping Hurricanes

It turns out that energy is the least of the benefits afforded by a massive buildup of wind energy off the coast.

Marc Z. Jacobson of Stanford has a plan for scaling up wind energy.  It includes installing 160,000 turbines, which averages 77 windmills per mile down the coast.  These windmills won’t just generate energy - if arrayed properly, they can slow down hurricanes. 

The paper on the taming hurricanes with offshore wind turbines can be found at @SolutionsProj #wind

— Mark Z. Jacobson (@mzjacobson) February 27, 2014

Mega Butterfly Effect or Hurricane Whispering

The story has also appeared in the Economist.  The windmills of your mind

This story is both fascinating and terrifying.  Who doesn’t want to slow down hurricanes.  Then again - if wind power can slow down hurricanes - what impact does it have on the air current of the planet? 
What could Go Wrong?  The Nay-sayers weigh in.

.@FusEnLeague @Stanford_Energy @mzjacobson "Wind and Wave Farms Could Affect Earth's Energy Balance"

— Jessica Lovering (@J_Lovering) March 4, 2014

Informal Twitter Poll

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Retweet if you think wind energy could be a logical and benign step towards healthy eco-terra-forming. 

.@J_Lovering @Stanford_Energy But could we find the balance, turn planet into climate controlled paradise? @mzjacobson = audacious visionary

— Fusion Energy League (@FusEnLeague) March 4, 2014


Retweet if you see this as invasive Geo-Tampering and want to add wind to the list of “Extreme Energy”.

.@Mruff221 @Waterdefense Extreme energy? need 2 add @mzjacobson extreme wind mega butterfly FX geo-engineering idea

— Fusion Energy League (@FusEnLeague) March 4, 2014


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