PACE: “If you finance it, they will build it.”

How do you get people to adopt green building measures? You help them finance it. Here is an introduction to PACE.

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As a sector, commercial and residential buildings use up 33% of our energy. Tackling this sector with investments in green building is a big part of the race to zero carbon. One of the big things holding people back is the cost of upgrading to green building standards. In the long run, people know they can save money from energy efficiency. In the short run - there is a huge up front cost. Enter Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, designed to facilitate this very thing.

The numbers are significant. From Bruce McIntosh’s article, MIT Study: Building Design, LCA, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions, we read:

Construction and use of commercial and residential buildings account for 40% of the total U.S. energy consumption and one-third of greenhouse gas emissions. Of that, 54% of the energy use is attributed to the residential sector.

McIntosh’s article focuses on Life-cycle assessment (LCA) as a key factor to facilitating green building design. Another key factor is financing, and that’s where PACE comes in. Here’s PACE in 90 seconds:

If you have it in your state, PACE can help make your building more sustainable by arranging 100% up front financing. Visit to find out if PACE is available where you live.

A heads up to residents of New Jersey, PACE legislation is presently moving through the legislature. Call your representatives and let them know you would like it to pass.

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