Turning the Race to Zero Carbon into a national pastime

What would it take to turn the Race to Zero Carbon into a national pastime? Join the Competition Committee and help make it happen!

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Want to go beyond being a player to taking a leadership role in the race to zero carbon?

To turn the race into a national pastime, we need the whole nation on board. It might take a while for the nation to catch on, for all the players to warm up. So we are looking for the folks who already get it. Who are ready to coach and referee. The core champions who want to shape the game and take this to the level of a genuine national pastime. Contact us about joining the competition committee.

You can make the difference in taking this idea all. the. way!

The Problem

We find ourselves on a marvelous, rugged planet, floating in the emptiness of space. Seven billion of us, going on ten.

Suddenly, scientists are telling us that emissions from burning fossil fuels and other practices are unleashing catastrophic climate change; that all of our dreams are at risk; that it won't be enough to stop our present emissions, we need to remove the excess we've already added to the atmosphere.

That's right. At this moment in human history, 7 billion argumentative human beings need to pull together and decarbonize the entire global economy, and then some. 

This is a tall order. Breathtaking. Some would say impossible.

Caught between transformation and doom, we are overwhelmed. Fear, grief and guilt are the dominant emotions. So we try not to think about it at all.

Climate change is a symptom.

The problem is our paralysis in the face of it.

Paralysis takes many forms. Denial, avoidance, token actions, incremental actions, cynicism, recrimination. Paralysis is holding us back.

If there is any species that can figure out how to consciously modulate planetary climate, it's us. Paralysis blocks us from realizing our power, from having the necessary conversations to effect change.

The time has come to individually and collectively focus on the specifics of this challenge; to systematically assess our options and decide on them; to execute our best moves for the win.

It is time to solve this climate change problem once and for all, and put it behind us.

The Solution

How do we get ourselves, 7 billion argumentative human beings, to overcome paralysis and swiftly decarbonize? Starting with America?

We turn the "Race to be the First Net Zero Carbon State" into a national pastime. And we coach each state for the win.

The NFL has managed to turn a rough sport involving running a ball down a field into an all-consuming national ritual. We will take a few pages from their playbook and do the same for decarbonizing the economy. The NFL makes its product as easy to consume as possible - including all the math and statistics! It sets the rules of the game. It leverages story and announcing protocols. It has "an aggressive marketing strategy dedicated to turning non-fans into dilettante fans, casual fans into knowledgeable fans, and hardcore fans into obsessive fans." Likewise, we can inspire people from avoidance to full engagement in getting their state to zero carbon first.

We will assemble a dream team of world class coaches, referees, and announcers on a dedicated Zero Carbon network platform. Our programming will be orchestrated to tell the story of this life and death game we are in, and all the ways we can win it. Entertaining, experimental, systematic, nimble, humble, courageous, we will deconstruct every facet of the game.

Inclusive, we will explore a variety of solutions. Red State, Blue State, whatever works. Play by play and State by State, with an infectious blend of sincerity, sportsmanship and irreverence, we will coach America to zero carbon glory, faster than anyone expects. 

Do you have what it takes to join the Competition Committee? Contact us to help set and update the rules, and track and announce the progress of the race with all due fanfare.

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