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Are you in the race to zero carbon? Take the first step to an awesome, sustainable future.

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Action: Take the pledge here.

There is no play without a player.

In the race to zero carbon, your State is your team as a whole, but all the action, all decisions come from the individual players. You are the player. The power comes from YOU! Your commitment is essential to starting the race. Pledge Now!

The format of the pledge

The pledge is a personal declaration to race all the way to zero carbon and beyond, and to strive for excellence as a zero carbon player. Don’t worry about HOW right now - this pledge is for step one: commitment. We’ll tackle the “how” soon enough. With zero carbon coaching clinics and playbooks and so forth.

About the format, the first page of the pledge lists reasons for racing to zero (it starts with, “It has come to my attention…”). At the bottom of that is a link that takes you to the actual declaration:

The Race to Zero Carbon is ON!

At stake in this race are the peace and prosperity of humankind, the ecological vitality of our planet and our classification as an “intelligent species” worthy of a planet. The rules are simple. The first state to achieve a net zero carbon economy with the best quality of life, wins. We’re all going to get to zero – but one state is going to get there FIRST; and I intend for that to be MY STATE!

NOW THEREFORE, I hereby solemnly declare, that I have joined the Race to Zero Carbon, and I plan to do everything I can to take my State to victory in this race.

An that’s where you would enter your name and pledge. Are you in? Pledge Now!

In addition to the pledge, you may want to check out the Player’s Rights statement.

Next Steps:

Now that you’ve pledged - Share on social media!

No plays without a player, and no team without teammates! Invite your friends and family to take the pledge as well. Tweet, post on FB or email:

I just pledged to win the #RacetoZeroCarbon and you can too: New Jersey For the Win! @Footprint2Wings

Not playing for New Jersey? Change this to your State.

Monthly Meetings

Start meeting with your fellow teammates to explore the plays as a team. If you want to start a local chapter, we will be happy to send someone over to give the Race to Zero Carbon introductory talk. We are also looking into setting up a telephone introductory call and chapter training module. 

Get your City in the Race

Take the Proclamation Challenge!

Get on top of what it takes to win the race

We’re working on the Zero Carbon Playbook to put all the plays on the table and guide you step by step through your options. Your contributions are vital to getting that done.

But don’t wait for the finished playbook to start exploring your options. You probably already have the knowledge to be a coach in some specific play. Take the Coaches Pledge.

What more? Check out the rest of the actions you can take on the Start Here page.

We’re all warming up for the race!

Player’s Rights

As a Zero Carbon Player, you have rights. And if you pledge to be a zero carbon coach, you promise to uphold player’s rights. Here is the Statement of Zero Carbon Player’s Rights:

Zero Carbon Player’s Rights

In the Race to Zero Carbon, my TEAM is my STATE as a whole. As an individual (Voter, Consumer, free spirit) I am a PLAYER.

The PLAYER is the basic unit of the team. PLAYERS coordinate to form SPECIALIZED TEAMS within the STATE TEAM. These can be anything from households, clubs and interest groups to corporations, governments and regional consortiums. 

Behind every PLAY is one or more PLAYER, a human being who makes a decision and takes action. As such, the power comes from the PLAYER.

The effectiveness of a team comes from the power of each PLAYER, combined with the quality of our teamwork.

Zero Carbon Coaches work with us to bring out the best in us and our SPECIALIZED TEAMS, always keeping in mind our Rights as PLAYERS:

  1. Right to participate in the Race to Zero Carbon - and the right to refuse to participate. (The race is voluntary)
  2. Right to play at a level determined to match my commitment, political-economic orientation and ability. (The race is trans-partisan)
  3. Right to explore all the options, presented in a clear and comparable manner free of double standards, with full disclosure of conflicts of interest.
  4. Right to express my opinions and preferences to my coaches and fellow players, and to propose, question and brainstorm plays. 
  5. Right to be heard and treated with respect, to the same extent as I listen and treat others with respect.
  6. Right to be properly prepared to play, receiving full disclosure on the costs and benefits of each play, supporting plays required and alternatives.
  7. Right to process my feelings (Climate Therapists are standing by) to find the source of my unique motivation in this race.

Do you agree with these Player’s Rights? Take the Player’s Pledge!

Other pledges by profession

Now that you’ve taken the pledge as an individual, check to see if your specialized teams are taking pledges as well. And let me know so that I can add links. Here are a few I’ve found so far:

The World Architects pledge zero carbon by 2050
Global Climate Pledge (A nice pledge, but ours goes all the way : ))

Suggestions Welcome

What do you think of the pledge? Feedback welcome in the comments below.

Zero Carbon Coaching Pledge

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