The 100% Renewable Energy Playbook

Players! If you want to get to zero carbon by switching to 100% Renewable Energy, there’s a plan for that. In fact, there are detailed plans for all fifty states. Here’s how to find your state’s plan and what to do next.

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Getting it on the table

First, a huge thank you to Mark Jacobson and the Solutions Project for publishing 50 plans for 50 states. There are many vague ideas about how to get to zero carbon, but few specific plans. We are truly grateful to you for putting the 100% Renewable plays on the table. This is a considerable amount of work, and profoundly useful to all zero carbon coaches, even those who reject a 100% renewable approach.

We consider Jacobson and Team to be the “Head Coaches” for the 100% Renewable plays. Thanks again for the “100% Renewable Playbook.”

Solutions Project Origins

Legend has is that the actor and anti-fracking activist Mark Ruffalo, tired of simply being “against something” asked Mark Jacobson of Stanford University for a plan to get New York State to 100% Renewable Energy.

By the next day, Jacobson had emailed him 40 pages of material. This was the start of the New York 100% Renewables plan, the first of the 50 state plans.

Jacobson and Ruffalo, joined by Marco Krapels and Josh Fox, then formed the Solutions Project. It’s purpose: to accelerate “the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy for all people and purposes.”

The website is the “go to” source for each state’s baseline 100% renewable energy plan.

Baseline Plans

Of course, the 50 plans for 50 states are just that. Plans. Tools for you to use, options to consider. Keep in mind:



    To find your state’s plan:



    NJ Offshore Wind Plays
    NJ Onshore Wind Plays


    Solar Rooftop Plays
    Solar PV Plays


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    Josh Fox @gaslandmovie

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