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What will it take to win the race to zero carbon? We have a lot of content to help you figure out your game plan.

This page will help you navigate your next steps.

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2. About the Mission

We are here to turn the Race to Zero Carbon into a national pastime and coach each state to win. Here’s the video to prove it:

The rules are simple: The first State to achieve a net zero carbon economy with the best quality of life wins.

Check out our Pixar Pitch. Meet our team (and join it!) And check out how we’re different from other organizations in “The clock is ticking!”


3. Your Role

Commit to Action:

More info:

YOU are the key to winning the Race to Zero Carbon. You are the Player.

It is a fifty state race. But what is a State? Who is actually racing? Your STATE is your team as a whole. But YOU are THE PLAYER.

Between you and the state are SPECIALIZED TEAMS (anything from households, clubs, corporations, government bodies). But within these teams, again, YOU are the PLAYER.

There is no play without a player.

States don’t act by themselves. Specialized Teams don’t act by themselves. Players act. Players animate the teams.

All the power, the action, comes from Players.

The power is from the player. The effectiveness of the plays comes from how well the players work together: from teamwork. But there is no teamwork without the commitment of the Players.

I can’t stress this enough.

It always comes back to you, the Player. Are you in the game?

Action (Once more, with feeling.)

4. Team Building


There are no plays without a Player, and no teamwork without teams.

Join our chapter meetup in Bound Brook, or start your own Chapter where you are. Coming soon, introductory phone calls to get everyone up and running.

In addition to playing for your state, you can also join the Footprint to Wings team directly! This is our team now. We are looking for new board members, sponsors, advisors. Interested? Let’s talk!

5. The Plays and Fields

There are many different plays to get to zero carbon. We’re putting them together in the Zero Carbon Playbook (in development). Contribute to help speed up the writing!

The plays take place on many different “fields” of play. These correspond to specialized teams that play on those fields. For example, your household is a specialized team, and your home is the related field. The Race to Zero Carbon takes place in the real world, on the planet, in all of our back yards. Find your bearings. Winning the race can be seen as the ultimate act of Historic Preservation.

There are many ways to break down the “fields” in the race to zero carbon. The best way to get a sense of all the fields, plays and specialized teams and how it all fits together is to check out a…

6. Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic

It all comes together in the Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic: Teams, fields, plays, scores and coaching. Check out the video for an overview:

City by city, county by county, state by state. The clinics are where you can explore all the options with your community; where the gameplans will come together. Right now, we’re setting up the first fully fielded clinic here in New Jersey. Sign up to help make it happen! Make your mark on the prototype.

Fill in the “Out of State” category if you want to set one up outside of New Jersey.

And here’s a handy infographic with the layout of a Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic:
the field

7. Formalizing the Race

Join the Competition Committee.
Take the Proclamation Challenge
Petition your State officials for Basic State Energy Info (coming soon).

Take the Proclamation Challenge to get your town, borough, city in the race. This is a precursor to getting your state formally enrolled in the race.

8. What’s the Score?

Join the scoreboard committee.

Who is in the lead in the Race to Zero Carbon? Which state has the lowest carbon footprint? Write down your top three guesses, then click here for the answer.

We measure by emissions per capita (not total state Emissions. Here’s why).

If you’re not in the lead, don’t sweat it. None of the states is that close to zero. Your state is still a contender! Game on.

The important question is: Who is going to cross the finish line first?

9. What’s the Prize?

Aside from glory, sustainability and satisfaction?

The Carbon Cup, of course. And other state scale prizes to be determined. Join the Prize Committee.

But what if…no one wins? Or only a handful of States even bother? There’s a Dark Prize.

The “Debate” Beat
You’re Invited! Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic kicks off the Bound Brook Speaker Series!

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