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Rezwan Razani is a writer, planner, game designer and the founder of Footprint to Wings, an organization dedicated to turning the “Race to Zero Carbon” into a national pastime. The story of how she came to this problem and solution set is captured in this interview.

Rezwan holds a BA in Environmental Science from UC Berkeley and a Master of Regional Planning (MRP) from Cornell University. She is the Director of the Fusion Energy League in New Jersey; taught regional planning at Shiraz University in Shiraz, Iran; and started a business to produce Persian-English word games in Los Angeles. She was an executive assistant at Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Legal Affairs while pursuing her passion for screenwriting.

Her genre is “Redemptive Environmental Science Fiction” and she still writes, although now she is attempting to live the narrative and make it Fact (especially the part about how we beat climate change). She is a living organ donor dedicated to a great quality of life for all. She believes people are capable of extraordinary individual and collective achievements.

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