Zero Carbon Playbook

An overview of the many different plays to get to net zero carbon.

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Here is an overview of the road to zero carbon. From the starting gate to the finish line and all the steps in between. Does that seem like a lot to cover?

the field

Let’s drill down further. Scroll around the posters below, and Please share your favorites on social media with #RacetoZeroCarbon. 

Start: Rules, Players Team

Before you embark on the Race to Zero Carbon, it helps to know the rules, and what your role is as a player.

Rules of the Race to Zero Carbon
The Player

The Switch

Are you ready to go ALL THE WAY to zero carbon? It’s a big switch. Before you can make the switch in your economy, you need to make the switch inside. This step explores your mindset.

the Switch

Many people say they are ready to go all the way, and that’s great! Jump ahead to the plays. If you get overwhelmed, you can always come back to this step and explore your feelings and mindset some more. Indeed, we expect you to go back and forth between various plays and mindset exercises until you work out your preferred plan of attack.

For those who see no reason to go to zero carbon at all, jump ahead to the plays. See what it would take to get to zero, and what other benefits can be derived from such a journey. Your resistance to climate change may come from “solution aversion” and the only way to tackle that is to explore the solutions.

For those of you who are somewhere in between, you think decarbonization is important but aren’t ready to go all the way, spend a little more time at the switch point, getting in touch with your doubts and feelings.

Climate Therapists Standing By
Sobering Facts
Field of Teams

Check Your Emissions

So now you’re ready to get to zero carbon. But how far do you need to go to get there?

Check your emissions
Check your emissions

The good news is, you have a lot of options for how to get to zero carbon. Now we turn to the plays.

Energy Supply Side Plays


Fossil fuel plays
Fossil as fuel v. stuff


NJ Offshore Wind Plays
NJ Onshore Wind Plays


Solar Rooftop Plays
Solar PV Plays


Nuclear field
Nuclear Plays

Coming Soon

Energy supply side, continued:

Energy Support Plays:  Mining |  Storage |  Grid-dle |  R&D

Demand Side Plays

Mirrored in the Grid:  Jet |  Transport |  Heating, Cooling |  Gadgets, lights
Additional Demand:  Agriculture |  Stuff |  Defense

Meta Plays:

Finance Plays: Who and how to pay for everything
Garden of Eden Plays: Carbon removal via afforestation, biochar, soi remineralization, habitat restoration
Jobs & Consumption conundrum: Beyond demand, why not change your lifestyle? Economic engineering, redefining quality of life, universal basic income.
Geoengineering: If all else fails.

Adding it up

Now that you’ve seen all the plays, which ones appeal to you the most? How far are you willing to run with each? Does it get you to zero carbon? Beyond? Weigh it up.

Join our band!

There’s not a moment to lose. We need to develop the best materials for every play, every player, every field, team and state. And then we need to get out there and coach everyone to zero carbon excellence. Join us and help make it happen.

Join our merry band

Zero Carbon Playlist
The 100% Renewable Energy Playbook

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