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So, remind me. When are we supposed to get to zero carbon?

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It can’t be that bad, right? All the official plans are for reasonable emissions reductions by 2030, 2050, 2100. It looks like we’re meeting our targets.

Actually, no. We’re not meeting our targets, and those targets are super inadequate to begin with. We don’t have the luxury of incremental changes. We need to make the big switch. Now.

We’re in sudden death overtime. Can we curb our carbon emissions in time to avert climate catastrophe? Only if we act NOW.

Now means actual NOW

Make the decision NOW.  Take the shot NOW.

2050 is too late. 2030 is too late. We need to flip the switch TODAY.

Concentrate. Go over what needs to happen, the choices you need to make, your best options. It doesn’t take long to think this through.  You can do it. We can do it.

We can set into motion TODAY all the things that need to be set into motion. And then hold our breaths and hope it works.

Remember, we have never had as much prosperity and capability in history as we do today. We have at our disposal billions of highly educated people with marvelous communications networks and breathtaking tools and innovations. We have never been more able to make dramatic, conscious, collective, globe-altering, quality-of-life-improving decisions.

The steps required to change things are straightforward. In a flat out push, we need to shut down fossil fuel burning power plants and replace them with zero carbon power plants; electrify our transportation, heating, cooking; reconfigure the economy to…


Fossil Fuel Plays
Let’s go out in a blaze of glory

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