How to Host a Renewables + Nuclear Energy Living Room Conversation. #ReNuLRC

Are you ready to host a Renewables + Nuclear Living Room Conversation in your home? Here’s what you’ll need.

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Intro to Living Room Conversations (LRC)
Download Materials
Steps to Host a Conversation
Why a “Renewables + Nuclear” Conversation?
Inspiring Quotes
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Intro to Living Room Conversations (LRC)

This initiative was inspired by Living Room Conversations (LRC’s). Check out their “How To” videos and tips. About LRC:

Our Vision is a world in which people who have fundamental differences of opinion and backgrounds work together with respect – and even joy – to realize the vibrant future we all desire.

Living Room Conversations enable people to come together through their social networks, as friends and friends of friends to engage in a self-guided conversation about an agreed upon topic. Typically conversations have self-identified co-hosts who hold differing views. They may be from different ethnic groups, socio-economic backgrounds or political parties. Each co-host invites two of their friends to join the conversation. Participants follow an easy to use format offering a structure and a set of questions for getting acquainted with each other and with each other’s viewpoints on the topic of the conversation. Conversations foster new relationships and often reveal common ground.

Materials for a Renewable + Nuclear LRC

⚛  Invites: Invitation Sample
⚛  Guidelines: For the Day of Conversation - Renewable + Nuclear

Additional Resources:
⚛  Information: Nuclear energy information to inform discussion.
⚛  Worksheet: Energy Supply Field Worksheet

Steps to Host a Conversation

⚛  Find a co-host with an opposing view (renewables/nuclear)
⚛  Each co-host invites two friends.  Use the handy invitations, modified for a renewable+nuclear conversation.
⚛  Get informed before the convo. Here is some Nuclear energy information. Here is a preliminary Energy Supply Field Worksheet.
⚛  Have the conversation with help from the guidelines.
⚛  Fill in the feedback form (page 3 of the guidelines).
⚛  If you come up with “next steps” from the conversation - take your next steps.

Feel free to have more #ReNuLRC’s.

Why a “Renewables + Nuclear” Conversation?

Short answer: We need to talk. 
Long answer: We seriously need to talk.
If we don’t talk, we won’t be able to curb the catastrophe.

Inspiring Quote

“Remember that what gets talked about and how it gets talked about determines what will happen. Or won’t happen. And that we succeed or fail, gradually then suddenly, one conversation at a time.”

― Susan Scott, Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today

Share your story

Let us know how it went!  Post below and Share your experience on social media with #ReNuLRC


Host a #ReNuLRC! 

In New Jersey? Join our #ReNuLRC Meetup Group.

Don’t fear: No one has to be converted to anything. The goal is to find common ground, whatever patch that might be!

Consider: What if renewables and nuclear teamed up against fossils? How fast could we get to Zero carbon?

Notes & Related:

Special Thanks to Living Room Conversations

Living Room Conversation is an awesome organization. Become a member! Donate! Follow them on Twitter @LivingRoomConvo

When I asked if I could propose this topic, Joan Blades, the founder, replied “Wonderful that you are proposing nuclear and renewable energy LRCs!  We’d love to have this happen and assist as we are able.”

Also, she notes, “LRCs are an open source project so all we ask is for attribution and sharing what you learn so we can all learn together.”

You are The Player
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