Drivin’ my life away

What do you drive?

Where is it taking you?

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The title of this post is from the Eddie Rabbitt Song, “Drivin’ my life away.” A favorite from the Zero Carbon Playlist.

The lyrics:

Well, the midnight headlight blind you on a rainy night
Steep grade up ahead slow me down makin’ no time
But I gotta keep rollin’
Those windshield wipers slappin’ out a tempo
Keepin’ perfect rhythm with the song on the radio
But I gotta keep rollin’

Ooh, I’m driving my life away
Lookin’ for a better way for me
Ooh, I’m driving my life away
Lookin’ for a sunny day

Dark road trip.

It’s a dark road we’re driving down with our combustion engines.

The clock is ticking. The gas burns, and is gone.

We are at the stillpoint of peak oil:

Low on gasAbout to hit the downgrade.

We could simply descend to the end of the road.

Cruise downhill in high gear, horn blasting, until we…







Looking for a better way

What better way? What are the options?

  1. Switch to Electric Vehicles.
  2. Slow Travel.
  3. Rethink the economy.

Before we dive into those options, which one are you drawn to the most? Tell us in the comments!



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