How Your Philanthropy Makes it Happen

Footprint to Wings is a nonprofit organization, funded completely by members. It is your contribution and participation that makes this work possible. Invest in this work for a great planetary return. More ways to contribute below.

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Our mission is to turn the race to zero carbon into a national pastime and coach each state to win. Is this work you agree with? Invest in its success.

We can’t do it without YOU.

Please donate securely online via Paypal.

Just use the forms below. Footprint to wings is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

Automatically renews each year

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Alternatively, please send a check for your tax-deductible donation directly to:

Footprint to Wings Inc
Attn: Rezwan Razani
8 Farrington Plz
Somerset, NJ 08873

Please make checks payable to “Footprint to Wings Inc”; please send checks drawn from a US bank only.

Other ways to donate

Gifts of Time and Presence

The Race to Zero Carbon is a team sport. And you are the most valuable player! Join the team as a supporter, volunteer, board member, expert advisor. Consider being part of the Competition Committee; the Scoreboard Committee, the Coaching Committee. Together we’re unstoppable!


Does winning the race to zero carbon have a place in your legacy? We would be honored to be part of it. On a related note, in this TED talk, Judy MacDonald Johnston shares 5 practices for planning for a good end of life.

Non-Cash Financial Gifts

We are open to gifts of stock, real estate and intriguing instruments we may not have heard of. Suggestions welcome.

Corporate Sponsorships

There are a stupendous number of opportunities for corporations to support us. In fact, our prize committee is looking for partnerships with great brands. Let’s run a campaign together or throw an event together or do some other awesome thing together.

In-Kind Contributions

Saving us money is (almost) as good as giving us cash. Right now we could really use an electric car to get us to speaking engagements and workshops!

Questions, ideas? Email rezwan (at)

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Scoring other Scoreboards

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