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The first step in the race to zero carbon is to check your state’s carbon emissions.

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This step establishes the baseline.

Know your state, to better coach your state. Each State is unique. The poster below gives a snapshot of emissions in 2012.  Click Image for pdf of poster.

Going Forward: Standardize Other Units

The “Check Your Emissions” step will soon come to include your State’s complete energy and quality of life performance profile. 

It will also include a standardization of units protocol. To work well together, all team members must be on the same “units” page. The units need to be standardized for easier comparison, accounting and strategy. They have to translate easily across scales, from the individual level (kWh/person/day) to the power plant level (MWh, GWh) to the State consumption level (TWh/year).  aggregating progress.

One Scoreboard to Track Them All

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