Energy Supply

Fossil Fuel Plays

Aug 14, 2016

Team Fossil has many important plays in the race to zero carbon. Can we refrain from burning every last drop? Keep in mind, we are not burning “fossil fuels.” We are burning “fossil goods” - a lot of nifty stuff that future generations will wish we hadn’t burned.

The 100% Renewable Energy Playbook

Mar 16, 2016

Players! If you want to get to zero carbon by switching to 100% Renewable Energy, there’s a plan for that. In fact, there are detailed plans for all fifty states. Here’s how to find your state’s plan and what to do next.

Two Birds With One Stone: Nuclear Weapons into Nuclear Energy

Aug 20, 2015

We live in terrifying times. We are accelerating headlong into climate change. We are bristling with nuclear weapons. Why not knock out these two terrors with one policy?

The 100% Renewables Approach: What will it take?

Jul 14, 2015

Renewables + Nuclear Energy: It’s Time to Talk.

Jun 19, 2015

What if renewables and nuclear teamed up against fossils? How fast could we get to Zero carbon?

Nuclear Energy Information to inform discussion

Jun 13, 2015

A collection of links and comments for use in Renewable + Nuclear Living Room Conversations.

Energy Supply Field Worksheet

Jun 10, 2015

When talking about climate change solutions, people have a tendency to be emphatic, yet vague. This worksheet helps clear through the assertions to the eye opening math underneath.

Carbon Tracker on the Risks of Investing in Coal

Oct 08, 2014

Beware of getting stuck with stranded assets.

The Last Mountain

Oct 06, 2014

Wind Energy v. Hurricanes

Oct 06, 2014

If you scale up wind power, you won’t just get energy, you’ll stop hurricanes.

Energy 101: Wind Turbines

Oct 06, 2014

Thanks US Department of Energy for this video on how modern wind turbines work.

Solar DIY: Making your own solar panels at home

Oct 05, 2014

Coaching Renewables

Sep 27, 2014

This video provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities of the renewable energy sector in Germany.

Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air

Sep 16, 2014

Nuclear Pride and Prejudice

Sep 05, 2014

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a community in possession of a good economy must be in want of a steady energy supply.”

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