Quality of Life

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Best Quality of Life Wins!

Dec 27, 2014

The race to net zero carbon can only be won if everyone’s quality of life improves in the process.

Gardeners of Eden

Oct 06, 2014


Sep 18, 2014

In his book, “Without Hot Air”, David MacKay breaks down energy demand into nine categories.

Peak Washing Machine

Sep 15, 2014

How many washing machines would it take to provide everyone on earth access to clean clothes? What is the energy footprint of peak washing machine?

The Ultimate Goal

Sep 15, 2014

“They lived happily ever after.” “The pursuit of happiness.” What is the ultimate goal? Is it a destination or a state of being?

To Serve Ten Billion People

Sep 14, 2014

Our goal is a wonderful quality of life for ten billion people with zero carbon footprint.  Where do we get that “10 Billion” number from?

Global Energy Challenge in Legos and Beans

Sep 13, 2014

Hans Rosling cuts a big problem down to size and clarifies the target: A western quality of life for ten billion people with zero carbon footprint.

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