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What will it take to win the race to zero carbon? We have a lot of content to help you figure out your game plan.

This page will help you navigate what we have available.

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2. Check out the Video

3. You are the Player!

Contemplate your role in the Race to Zero Carbon. You’ve got the power! 

4. Meet our team, join the team!

In addition to playing for your state, you can also join the Footprint to Wings team directly! This is our team now. We are looking for new board members, sponsors, advisors. Interested? Let’s talk!

5. Check out the Plays

There are many different plays to get to zero carbon. We’re putting them together in the Zero Carbon Playbook. Check out what we have so far.


The “Debate” Beat
You’re Invited! Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic kicks off the Bound Brook Speaker Series!

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