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After a successful career in sports marketing communications and advertising sales, Lew became passionate about climate change as a patriotic reaction to the 9/11 attacks. A successful solo eco-preneur career soon followed. Lew has successfully sold sponsorships, helped corporations tell their sustainability stories more powerfully, and generated media coverage for sustainable events on behalf of clients ranging from Whole Foods Market to ESPNW, from the Empire State Building to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Lew co-created and hosted Green Gotham, a ½ hour interview show on local cable in New York City which interviewed the leading lights of the sustainable business and creative worlds. In his own time, Lew lobbies members of Congress and their staffs for solutions to the climate crisis with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Since his 2013 launch of GreenSportsBlog, “the source for news and commentary at the intersection of Green + Sports”, Lew has:

The blog has led to sustainability-themed writing assignments (blog posts, case studies, etc.) for corporations large (BT) and small (AtmosAir, and its state-of-the-art indoor air quality system) as well as for nonprofits (11th Hour Racing, promoting ocean health through sponsorship of elite sailing teams).


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