The Ultimate Goal

“They lived happily ever after.” “The pursuit of happiness.” What is the ultimate goal? Is it a destination or a state of being?

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Our “ultimate goal” is “to achieve a wonderful quality of life for ten billion people with zero carbon footprint.” Your ultimate goal may vary. There are many ways to approach it, and many wonderful conversations to have about it. Just know that ultimately, it’s dynamic.

Eternal Bliss

Morgan’s Tarot, a deck of Zen meditation cards with the word “tarot” tacked on - has a great meditation on “Eternal Bliss”:

Bliss is dynamic fulfillment throughout all change.

Although eternal bliss may not be the final goal, it is a good start.

When we win the race to net zero carbon - when we achieve a sustainable world with a great quality of life for all - that’s just the beginning.  And now it’s going to go on for a very very long time.  How will we amuse ourselves?


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