Race to Zero Carbon

Trade your footprints in for wings

The Race to Zero Carbon is ON!

The Rules

The first STATE to achieve
a NET* ZERO CARBON economy

*Net zero. Not absolute zero.
Carbon measured in Metric Tons equivalent per Capita (MTCOe/person).
Quality of Life must improve above present levels.
§What do we win? Aside from sustainability? The CARBON CUP™, of course! Void where prohibited. Join our prize committee!

Are you ready to go. all. the. way?

green flag go

You are the Player

The Player is the core, indivisible unit that makes up the team.

PLAYERS (you and other players) coordinate at household, club, corporate, school and local government levels to form SPECIALIZED TEAMS within the State Team, like Team Solar, Team Divestment and so forth. All the Teams must pull together for Team State to win.

The power comes from the player. The effectiveness of a team comes from the power of the Players, and the quality of their teamwork.

Your TEAM is your STATE as a whole.

The efforts of individual PLAYERS and their SPECIALIZED TEAMS add up to the STATE score.

The STATE is the ideal unit of competition. We have 50 of them. All unique. There can be red state solutions, blue state solutions, wild card solutions. We will break the States up into divisions based on size and handicap (mild weather, hydro advantage, urban advantage, etc.)

There is a lot of data available that is aggregated at the State level. And it's easier to talk to your Senator than to your President

Which State is in the lead?

Guess! Now check your answer:

We'll Coach You to Zero Carbon

Steps to Win The Race

A. Check Emissions
B. Decarbonize Energy Supply
C. Streamline Demand
D. Elevate Quality of Life for All

Zero Carbon Playbook

It takes many different plays to win the race to net zero carbon. The Zero Carbon Playbook will help you assess your best moves.

We look at Teams, Fields and Plays.

One Scoreboard to Track Them All

Without a compelling scoreboard, there is no way to win the race to zero carbon. A scoreboard is a platform of accountability. It connects the progress of individuals to the whole. It tracks cumulative impact. It targets information to performance. Every player needs to know the total score and how the other players are doing to know their true position and their best moves. A compelling scoreboard makes the race winnable. Without it, you are flying blind. Without it, the herd of elephants is churning on itself.

Sign up for free coaching tips to win the climate.

We'll take you step by step through all the plays to get you and your state over the hump and into an awesome, sustainable world.

fp2w blog

First Ever Race to Zero Carbon 5K & 10K Recap

Thank you so much to all who came out on Saturday morning to support the first ever ‪#‎RacetoZeroCarbon‬! We had such a great time at the race and we hope you did too. Congratulations to the runners and it was truly wonderful to see so many people engaged in conversations about how to get New Jersey ALL THE WAY to net zero carbon emissions!


The Proclamation Challenge

Is your town in the Race to Zero Carbon? Invite your Mayor to make a formal Proclamation.


Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic, May 21

We are pleased to announce the first ever Zero Carbon Coaching Clinic at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, NJ, May 21 2016 from 9 am to 2pm.

The event is FREE but registration is required. If you haven’t yet, please RSVP to reserve your packet.